you were the love of my long life ~ and you were the love of mine


Fili, Kili and Ori - The Battle Of The Five Armies still (Empire Magazine)


I will have war.


"im not a feminist"


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A symbol.

For lonely people, rain is a chance to be touched.
—Simon Van Booy  (via hiddlesluscious)

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"Somehow you magically smell good in that outfit that you’ve been wearing for 300 years." 

LOTR/The Hobbit Asks


Send me any number(s) and I will answer.

1. Favorite hobbit?
2. Favorite elf?
3. Favorite man/woman?
4. Favorite dwarf?
5. Favorite member of the fellowship?
6. Top 5 favorite locations?
7. Least favorite location?
8. Favorite villian?
9. Least favorite villian?
10. Favorite weapon?
11. Where would you live in middle earth?
12. Favorite friendship?
13. Favorite movie?
14. Favorite scene in elvish
15. Best dresser?
16. Favorite object?
17. Favorite song from the soundtrack?
18. Scene that makes you cry?
19. Scene that makes you laugh?
20. Funniest character?
21. Prettiest character?
22. Most annoying character?
23. Favorite overall scene?
24. Bravest character?
25. Character you’d like as your friend?


alternate ending to the third hobbit movie

thranduil walks around the battlefield and spies the dead bodies of fili and kili

and then he kneels down and touches them gently with one finger and they come back to life

and everyone lives happily ever after

thranduil is secretly ned the piemaker

the end