“[Hook] must feel at least a little bit like the young lieutenant he once was, who might have dreamed of courting a princess before losing his brother and starting down a darker path.

[Emma] is stronger than she’s ever been. It takes an amazingly strong person to trust someone with the softest and most vulnerable parts of your heart after you’ve been hurt the way Emma has.

Once Upon a Time is Emma’s fairytale, and this date is her first real chance to have a fairytale moment in a world that felt like anything but a fairytale for too long.

The strongest people don’t always wear armor. Sometimes they wear pink dresses.”

Honestly this analysis of the significance behind Emma’s dress for her date with Killian is pure perfection, read it and weep grinning (full text here). (via that-first-glance-feeling)


captain swan in 4x04 ‘the apprentice’

“Emma’s date-night dress mirrored the way that Hook makes her feel. “This is the first time that Emma is wearing something that is softer and gentler and sweeter and romantic”.”

Jennifer Morrison (x)

“She’s wearing something that’s very soft and feminine and romantic,” Morrison notes. “That’s something that I think has always been a part of her, but she’s always had to have her guard up so much that she hasn’t felt like she could express that side of herself.”

tvline (via dailycs)

No but can we talk about this?



Just look at his face. He is so happy to be there and it’s just. I can’t right now. I can just imagine the puppy tail wagging.



Much better.

“After Emma asks Hook out on a real first date, Hook visits Mr. Gold and asks for his hand to be reattached so that he can embrace her with both hands”

4x04 official synopsis

(excuse me while I die a little)